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Koodo Assist Tips

Koodo Assist can help with all things Koodo and will provide an official answer on things like your service, rate plan, e-bills, and much more.


Try typing key words or short sentences like: “bill”, “data usage”, “refer-a-friend”, “how do I change my plan?

We’ve got a great range of tools to help you out!

Most changes to your Koodo account can be done for free via Self Serve. If you prefer to have a representative make these account changes for you, may apply.


Discover our wide range of articles that can help you navigate through Self Serve by explaining available features and how you can make changes to your account and services all by yourself. If the help page you select doesn’t answer your question, you can choose a topic from the menu or ask a question in the search bar.

Account management

Experiencing some difficulties?

Check out our Help pages for information that might address the challenge you’re facing with your Koodo service or product.

If the Help pages haven’t addressed your particular concern, you can also get account-specific information through Koodo Assist. If you still need help, Koodo Assist can schedule a callback for you with a live agent, usually within minutes during business hours.

If the issue still hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction, you can take a look at further options.